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Teaching and learning Gagana Sāmoa

Tālofa lava!

Welcome to the online environment developed to support the teaching of Gagana Sāmoa.

Gagana Sāmoa storybooks

Poto series

The Poto series is a set of storybooks in Gagana Sāmoa and  Lea Faka-Tonga.

  • These resources help to grow and enhance Pacific learners’ language and literacy capabilities, which support teachers to work in partnership with families and Pacific communities.
  • The Poto book series is designed for learners from Years 4 to 8.
Title Overview PDF version for download
Talatupu a and Fagogo - book in gagana Sāmoa.
A nine-year-old boy’s homework involves asking his family about any myths or legends they know. With his mum’s help, he contacts his grandparents in Sāmoa and Tonga and, via computer, they share traditional stories with him.
The Saturday market book in Gagana Sāmoa.
In this play two eight-year-olds are helping their parents run stalls at a Saturday market. It turns out that quite lot of mathematics is involved.
Comic artist - book in gagana Sāmoa.
In this graphic novel-style autobiography students learn the childhood and career of Māngere-born comic book artist Michel Mulipola.
The prayer - book in gagana Sāmoa.
An eight-year-old girl in a bilingual class at her school helps her mum learn a grace to say at a work function.

'O le Tatalo (PDF, 2 MB)

‘O Lo‘u ‘Āiga - My family book cover
Ten-year-old Meleane Lupe loses her family when a tsunami strikes Niuatoputapu. Her uncle and his Samoan wife in New Zealand adopt her, and Meleane moves to Māngere.

'O Lo'u 'Āiga (PDF, 3 MB)

Becoming a scientist - book in gagana Sāmoa.
In this non-fiction book students meet two New Zealand scientists: research scientist Professor Palatasa Havea, and plant pathologist Amy Maslen-Miller.
'O le Fāgogo 'iā Sina ma le Tuna cover image.
This play retells the fāgogo (legend) of Sina and the Eel. Gus Sinaumea Hunter’s illustrations suggest ways in which the play might be performed by students.
'O le mamanu o le siapo cover image
In this non-fiction book, Dr Caroline Lolegi Vercoe introduces students to the meaning behind some of the patterns they will encounter on siapo. She explores how contemporary artists, such as Fatu Feu‘u and Michel Tuffery, use siapo patterns in their artwork. 
'O se Mea Fa'alilolilo a Pati cover image.
After Grandma passes away, Grandpa moves from Auckland to Christchurch to live with his son and his family. One day, when Grandpa takes his grandson fishing, he shares a secret –  “When we used to go fishing, your grandma was the one who usually caught most of the fish!” 

Pasifika dual language books

The Pasifika dual language resources are designed to support the early language and literacy learning of Pasifika new entrant students in English-medium classrooms. Teacher and parent support material accompanies these resources. Many of the dual language books are available as PDFs and all the books are available as MP3 audio files. All of these resources are accessible from the Literacy Online website.

Storybooks supporting Mua Ō! An Introduction to Gagana Sāmoa

Storybook teacher support materials

These teacher support materials below accompany the six storybooks developed especially to support the Learning Languages Series resource Mua Ō! An Introduction to Gagana Sāmoa. Each story gives students opportunities to extend their language and cultural knowledge and to practise reading the target language of specific units in Mua Ō! 

The entire document of teacher support materials can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. Print copies of these resources are available for schools from Down the Back of the Chair, email orders@thechair.minedu.govt.nz, or phone 0800 226 440. Use the code under the cover image.



Links to Mua Ō! An Introduction to Gagana Sāmoa

Teacher support materials

Tālofa, ‘O ā Mai ‘Oe?


A story about two students who are followed by a family pet as they go to school. Matā‘upu 2

Tālofa, ‘O ā Mai ‘Oe? - teacher support material 

(web page)

‘O Lea e iai a‘u Mea ia e Fai


A humorous story about a boy who cheekily avoids having to do his chores. Matā‘upu 6

‘O Lea e iai a‘u Mea ia e Fai - teacher support material (web page)

‘O le Lā‘au o le Ta


A story about a boy who comes to New Zealand from Sāmoa and is introduced to the different seasons in New Zealand through the tree in the backyard. Matā‘upu 11

‘O le Lā‘au o le Ta - teacher support material (web page)

‘O Fea o O‘e e Tiga?


A story about a classroom activity in which two girls are role-playing an injured grandmother and a first-aid expert. Matā‘upu 12

‘O Fea o O‘e e Tiga? - teacher support material (web page)

‘O le Pūlou Pīniki


A story of a typical teenage girl who is looking for clothes to wear and asks her mother where every piece of clothing is. Matā‘upu 13

‘O le Pūlou Pīniki - teacher support material (web page)

'O Junior  o le Ui‘i


A story about the youngest child in the family, who finds it difficult to keep up with his older brothers and sisters. Matā‘upu 15

O Junior o le Ui‘i - teacher support material (web page)

Download all of the Gagana Sāmoa Teacher Support Materials