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An introduction to Tapasā

Tapasā is a resource that provides a Pacific learner lens to Our Code, Our Standards | Ngā Tikanga Matatika, Ngā Paerewa.

Tapasā – Cultural competencies framework for teachers of Pacific learners

The Tapasā framework brings Pacific perspectives to effective and quality teaching practice at different stages of a teachers’ journey in key areas and transition points for Pacific learners in early learning, primary and secondary education.  

Use Tapasā as a foundation document to:

  • support governance, strategic, and programme planning
  • develop local curriculum
  • develop induction, mentoring and appraisal systems
  • guide professional learning and development.

Use Tapasā, along with other sources, to inform Pacific achievement aspirations across your school and Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako. 

Tapasā resources


The Tapasā website provides resources, tools, and support for teachers of Pacific learners.


Tapasā: cultural competency framework for teachers of Pacific learners

The resource section on the Teaching Council website contains a suite of professional learning resources to give life to Tapasā including: