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Kia orana. Talofa lava. Bula vinaka. Mālō e lelei. Mauri. Fakaalofa atu. Mālō ni. Noa'ia. Tālofa. Warm greetings.

The Pasifika Education Community aims to support Pasifika learners’ achievements and aspirations. This site provides links to resources, research, and other materials that teacher and school leaders can use to support and engage with Pacific learners.


The Language enhancing the achievement of Pasifika (LEAP) resource brings together key aspects of research about how to support bilingual Pasifika students’ learning, especially in relation to students’ Pasifika languages and English. It suggests practical ways teachers can explore language teaching and learning principles effective with bilingual Pasifika students.

Education Gazette stories

Articles from the Education Gazette that look at Pasifika issues, achievement, and success across primary and secondary schools.