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Talanoa Ako - Pacific Talk About Education and Learning (TA PTEL)

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Talanoa Ako Pacific Talk About Education and Learning (TA PTEL) is a suite of programmes led by Strategy and Integration, Pacific Team in Ākonga and Community Delivery, Te Pae Aronui.

The flagship programme Talanoa Ako undertook a longitudinal study using Pacific methodologies to engage Pacific voice from parents, learners, families, and educators in Pacific education.

The study's insights have prompted the development of 12 programmes directly addressing the needs of Pacific communities, as well as the creation of TA PTEL (Talanoa Ako Pacific Talk About Education) resources.

The Team utilises Matamoana: As and By Pacific Theory and Approach to enhance Pacific learners' achievement and attendance.

Talanoa Ako - Pacific Talk About Education and Learning (TA PTEL) resources


Talanoa Ako: Lau Tauga – Pacific Principals’ Perspectives of Success for Pacific Learners

Cover image of Talanoa Ako: Lau Tauga – Pacific Principals’ Perspectives of Success for Pacific Learners.

This resource delves into the journeys and experiences of a group of Pacific principals, crafted for the benefit of:

  • all educators, whether aspiring to become principals or currently working with our cherished Pacific learners
  • raising awareness and fostering understanding of the current state of Pacific leadership in schools
  • encouraging reflection on personal practices and fostering collaboration with families and communities throughout one's career journey.

A heartfelt recognition to all the principals who contributed to this resource, and a poignant tribute to Fa'atili Iosua Esera as he embarks on retirement from his role as principal. May the wealth of your measina (treasures) be imparted with enduring inspiration and unwavering pursuit.

Talanoa Ako: Pacific Talk about Education and Learning

Talanoa Ako - Pacific talk about education and learning

This resource supports Pacific practices, teaching, and learning by helping schools and teachers to:

  • reflect on their own practices and walk alongside Pacific families and communities 
  • understand what "culturally safe spaces" look and feel like 
  • understand what is culturally important to Pacific learners and families
  • understand how powerful parent and learner voice is, in the development for "fit-for-purpose" programmes that contribute to Pacific success
  • explains the "As and By Pacific" model.

The three reports, which make up the Talanoa Ako: Talking about Education and Learning resource, are listed below. Each acknowledges the contributing authors and includes a short summary of the report. 

Talanoa Ako: Pacific Parents, Families, Learners and Communities Talk Education Together

Cover of Talanoa Ako - Pacific parents, families, learners and communities talk education together
  • Synthesis Report of Pacific PowerUP Evaluations 2016–2019  
  • Authored by Tagaloatele Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop  

The report records the journey to understand what culturally safe spaces look like for Pacific learners, PowerUP Pacific parents and learners, community coordinators, leaders, and teachers.

Four focus questions guided the study, and those carrying out the study applied a Pacific lens to defining what is of value and to determining how to achieve what is of value.

Talanoa Ako: From Pacific PowerUP to Talanoa Ako, Case Studies 

Cover of Talanoa Ako - From Pacific PowerUP to Talanoa Ako case studies
  • PowerUp Evaluations 2016-2019 Key Learnings 
  • Authored by Tagaloatele Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop  

Case studies contribute to the evidence-based discussion of Pacific education by the Pacific community and education researchers, policymakers and programmers, teachers, and schools.

Talanoa Ako: Talking about Education and Learning – Pacific Education Literature Review

Cover of Talanoa Ako - Talking about education and learning
  • A literature review of the 5 Key Findings of the Pacific PowerUP Longitudinal Evaluation 2016–2018 
  • Authored by Dr Cherie Chu-Fuluifaga, Dr Ivy Abella, Dr Martyn Reynolds, and Dr Fuapepe Rimoni (Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington) 

The Longitudinal PowerUp to Talanoa Ako evaluations (2016-2019) identified areas needed to support Pacific educational achievement. 

This resource provides a literature review on these 5 finding themes: Pacific visible, identity language and culture, pacific wellbeing, ‘Auala in access, and cultural bias and racism.

Talanoa Ako: Ngāue Fakataha ki he Ako ʻa e Fānau  

Talanoa Ako - Ngaue Fakataha ki he Ako a e Fanau

Authored by Dr Lesieli Tongati’o, this resource co-constructs solutions and different ways of working that lead to Pacific educational success. 

The research project set out to gain an understanding between schools and their Pacific parents, families, and communities. The work draws from the voices of schools, parents, and learners.

Informed by the findings, you will be better able to grow reciprocal relationships and support learners’ progress and achievement.

Talanoa Ako: Building Pacific-Capable Boards – Seu le manu ae taga’I I le galu 

Talanoa Ako_Building Pacific-Capable Boards

A refresh of a Ministry of Education resource that focused on supporting boards of trustees to build their Pacific capability and engagement. 

This resource will help your board’s journey to be responsive and capable to meet the educational achievement, progress, and expectations of your Pacific learners and their parents, families, and communities

Building Pacific-Capable School Boards aligns to the Ministry of Education’s Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020-2030. It will support boards to develop school processes, policies, and strategies that embed Pacific success in governance, management, curriculum, and the school environment.

Talanoa Ako Fakataha / Talatalanoaga Faalea‘oa‘oga Cycle (the Talanoa Ako cycle)

Talano Ako cycle

This table combines information about the principles of Pasifika success, assessment for learning, relationships, governance and leadership, roles and responsibilities, and student learning theory. 

The Talanoa Ako cycle is a tool you can embed in the work your school uses to engage with Pacific learners, parents, and their families.

Talanoa Ako cycle (PDF, 257 kB)

Talanoa Ako: Make it HAPPEN – Have an Action Plan for Pacific Education Now!

A look at key documents like the Action Plan for Pacific Education and Tapasā to help you construct your school’s own Pacific Education Action Plan.

Cover image for Make it Happen: Have an Action Plan for Pacific Education Now!

The word "HAPPEN" is used as an acronym to convey urgency and a call to action to "Have an Action Plan for Pacific Education Now".

Talanoa Ako: PISA for Pacific parents and schools – Tama a le 'ele 'ele, sa'ili malō

Cover image for Talanoa Ako: Pisa for Pacific Parents and schools

The key findings about the reading performance of Pacific 15-year-olds from the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). This resource highlights the need and urgent action for a partnership between home and school, to support Pacific learners’ reading literacy achievement. The report is framed by key themes taken from the PISA learners’ questionnaire.

For each theme, there is a graphic presentation of data, as well as ideas and activities for parents, families, schools, and teachers to use to empower Pacific learners to keep doing their best at school.

Ordering hard copies of resources


Please order through the MOE online catalogue, Down the Back of the Chair using the following reference numbers:

Talanoa Ako: Pacific Talk about Education and Learning MOE90196
Talanoa Ako: Ngāue Fakataha ki he Ako ʻa e Fānau MOE90201
Talanoa Ako: Building Pacific-Capable Boards – Seu le manu ae taga’I I le galu  MOE90203
Talanoa Ako Fakataha / Talatalanoaga Faalea‘oa‘oga Cycle (the Talanoa Ako cycle) MOE90201P
Talanoa Ako: Make it HAPPEN – Have an Action Plan for Pacific Education Now!  MOE90462
Talanoa Ako: PISA for Pacific parents and schools – Tama a le 'ele 'ele, sa'ili malō MOE90464
Talanoa Ako slipcase for storing all your resources (pictured) MOEA0300
Talanoa Ako storage box


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