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Bula Vinaka! 

Fijian (Vosa Vakaviti) Language Week takes place in October 2022. Dates are to be confirmed.

Raise the mana of speakers of Vosa Vakaviti in your classroom, school, and the wider community. Find and acknowledge the experts in your school community who can help your school celebrate Vosa Vakaviti Language Week.

Vosa Vakaviti and the visual arts 


Meke placeholder_Pic 1

The most popular traditional Fijian dance, meke is a combination of dance and storytelling through song. Both men and women perform in the meke. 

Many versions of the meke exist. Some examples are the war dance, the women’s fan dance, and the men’s spear dance. 

Dancers perform the meke on special occasions.

The lali (traditional Fijian drum) and derua (stamping tube) are important instruments of the meke. Chanting and rhythmic clapping are also part of the meke. 



Masi, a bark cloth, is a popular art form in Fiji. It has many uses, such as wall decorations and clothing worn in ceremonies.  

Masi is made from the inner bar of the paper mulberry. Traditionally, women make the bark cloth. They strip the bark from the tree, soak it, then scrape it clean and pound it with a wooden object. 

Language resources 

Fiji language week

NZC Online provides curriculum connections and ideas about how you, your class, and your school can get involved.


Pacific Language cards

These cards are tailored to non-speakers of the language as a good starting point. Included is: a pronunciation guide, the alphabet, everyday phrases, a short prayer, and a hymn.


Supporting Pacific learners | Resources

Online resources to use with students for Fiji Language Week.


Fijian language activity book

A free download from Te Papa; suitable for ages 5 to 10.


Library resources

Find out what is happening at your local library.

Christchurch City Ligraries | Fijian Language Week – Links to online resources.

Auckland Council Libraries | Celebrating Fiji – Links to online resources.


Teaching literacy in Fiji classrooms: Curriculum innovation at Levuka Public Primary School

Rosiana Lagi’s research investigates teaching vernacular phonics, before teaching English phonics to improve overall learning in English as a second language.