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Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020–2030

The education system must work for Pasifika so they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to do well for themselves, their communities, Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific region, and the world.

Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020–2030

Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020–2030 
Maps the Government’s commitment to transforming outcomes for Pacific learners and families.

The document signals how early learning services, schools, and tertiary providers can achieve change for Pacific learners and their families.

The vision for this Action Plan is "diverse Pacific learners and families are safe, valued, and equipped to achieve their education aspirations". The Plan identifies five key shifts and outline actions needed to achieve this vision.

Co-designed with Pacific communities through a series of fono in 2018 and 2019, the development of the Action Plan was collaborative process. 

It sets out five key shifts that have been prioritised by Pacific communities, and a series of associated actions as the first step to achieving this vision. 

The Action Plan also includes resources, planning templates, and guidance for early learning services, schools, tertiary providers, families, and communities.