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Tapasā - Cultural Competencies Framework for Teachers of Pacific Learners

Tapasā is a tool designed to help improve the way teachers and leaders engage with Pacific learners, and to an extent parents, families and their communities, to make the biggest difference in a child’s educational success. 

Tapasā is a resource for all teachers of Pacific learners. It is designed to support teachers to become more culturally aware, confident and competent when engaging with Pacific learners and their parents, families and communities. It aims to contextualise quality teaching and planning within a Pacific learner setting by providing a Pacific lens to the Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Code of Professional Responsibility. 

We encourage all schools with Pacific students to use Tapasā as a guide to help improve their way of communication and gain a deeper understanding of how Tapasā works and how it applies to the teaching role in supporting Pacific students.

Tapasā is being implemented by the Teaching Council. They are co-constructing an implementation plan with  expert teachers. You can read about Tapasā, and how it will be implemented on the  Teaching Council website.