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Teaching and learning Gagana Sāmoa

Tālofa lava!

Welcome to the online environment developed to support the teaching of Gagana Sāmoa.





Links to Mua Ō! An Introduction to Gagana Sāmoa

Teacher support materials

Tālofa, ‘O ā Mai ‘Oe?

A story about two students who are followed by a family pet as they go to school. Matā‘upu 2

Storybook 1 (Word 2007, 27 kB)

‘O Lea e iai a‘u Mea ia e Fai

A humorous story about a boy who cheekily avoids having to do his chores. Matā‘upu 6

Storybook 2 (Word 2007, 24 kB)

‘O le Lā‘au o le Tau

A story about a boy who comes to New Zealand from Sāmoa and is introduced to the different seasons in New Zealand through the tree in the backyard. Matā‘upu 11

Storybook 3 (Word 2007, 24 kB)

‘O Fea o O‘e e Tiga?

A story about a classroom activity in which two girls are role-playing an injured grandmother and a first-aid expert. Matā‘upu 12

Storybook 4 (Word 2007, 26 kB)

‘O le Pūlou Pīniki

A story of a typical teenage girl who is looking for clothes to wear and asks her mother where every piece of clothing is. Matā‘upu 13

Storybook 5 (Word 2007, 23 kB)

O Junior o le Ui‘i

A story about the youngest child in the family, who finds it difficult to keep up with his older brothers and sisters. Matā‘upu 15

Storybook 6 (Word 2007, 24 kB)

Download all of the Gagana Sāmoa Teacher Support Materials