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Professional development opportunities

Ministry of Education Language Immersion Awards

Language Immersion Awards are offered for students and teachers of languages that have curriculum support in NZ schools. The awards are funded by the NZ Ministry of Education and AFS.

The purpose of the immersion experience is to provide a professional development experience for teachers of languages that will build quality language teaching to enhance language learning opportunities and provisions for students.

Visit the  AFS website for more information or contact  lia.info@afs.org.

Teacher professional development languages (TPDL)

This Ministry of Education funded programme supports schools to cater effectively for learning languages.

80 places are available for teachers of Cook Islands Māori, Gagana Sāmoa, Tongan, Gagana Tokelau, Vagahau Niue, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Language study, pedagogy, and in-school support are the three components of TPDL.

Auckland UniServices delivers this programme nationally. Principals or teachers should contact the TPDL Coordinator, Nathalie Bourneville for further information  n.bourneville@auckland.ac.nz. Schools are encouraged to register more than one teacher. Applications for next year are requested by 30 November.

TPDL brochure (PDF, 422 kB)

Online version of  Learning languages: A guide for New Zealand schools. This guide provides schools and teachers with information to support the introduction, delivery, and enhancement of languages programmes.

ILEP - Support for language teachers and principals

ILEP ( www.ilep.ac.nz) provides free nationwide curriculum support for all teachers of language in Aotearoa.

To find out how ILEP can support you to implement a successful Learning Languages curriculum area in years 1-13, contact Morgan Patterson, Pathway Manager, pathwaymanager@ilep.ac.nz, 027 200 2601.

National coordinators

Under the Ministry of Education’s Professional learning and development (PLD) support plan for secondary student achievement, the national coordinators for learning languages focus is on effective implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum and the NCEA realigned achievement standards, and the development of literacy and language practices. Contact  Jeni Lemberg for Central South and Southern regions and  Deborah Ward for the Northern and Central North regions. 


The New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT) offers a nationwide network to support language teachers. This includes regional meetings, in-service opportunities, professional development awards, newsletters, a professional journal, a biennial conference, representation on official committees and panels, and advocacy on key issues.

Gazette focus: Professional development

Strengthening the classroom kete
Free scholarships are offered to teachers wanting to upskill with a TESSOL qualification. Education Gazette talks to a primary school enriched with skilled language teachers, and a secondary teacher who is applying her recent study to improving intercultural communication in her school.