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Talanoa Ako

Talanoa Ako is an education programme for Pacific parents, families, and communities.

The programme supports them to build knowledge and confidence, enabling them to champion their children's education and learning journeys.

Saili Malo career resources

Saili Malo is a Samoan concept focused on attaining a "prosperous life" and often the journey to get there is supported by a plan that informs a pathway.

The Saili Malo career resource Level Up! Prepare for your Future is a set of activity workbooks developed exclusively for Talanoa Ako partners and provides resources focused on career activities that learners of different ages and their parents can both do, reflect and discuss.  This resource is now made available (in electronic form) to schools and educators alike who will be able to utilise these in many different ways in embedding careers into their teaching.

The current workbooks are:

  • Facilitation Guide
  • Intermediate Aged Learners (Y7-8)
  • Junior High School (Y9-10)
  • Senior High School (Y11-13)
  • Parents

Additional Saili Malo resources developed in partnership with NZQA will be made available at a later stage.

Saili Malo career activity workbooks are currently only available as digital downloads.

Cover of Saili Malo Facilitators Guide.
Cover of Saili Malo Workbook 1 Intermediate.
Saili Malo Workbook 2 Junior High School.
Cover of Saili Malo Workbook 3 Senior High School
Cover of Saili Malo Workbook 4 Parents.