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Talanoa Ako

Talanoa Ako is an education programme for Pacific parents, families, and communities.

The programme supports them to build knowledge and confidence, enabling them to champion their children's education and learning journeys.

Mana of the Pacific poster packs

Mana of the Pacific poster showing three smiling children.

Mana of the Pacific brings together inspirational proverbs and beautiful photographs that highlight the wisdom, resilience, and innovation of Pacific peoples.

Created to share and celebrate the strengths of the Pacific, each pack contains nine posters from Mana of the Pacific (2021).

These posters, which support and encourage all learners, help instil an appreciation of Pacific knowledge and strengths.

You could use them to:

  • decorate your walls
  • strengthen the cultural pride of your Pacific learners
  • inspire all learners in your classes with the wisdom contained in the proverbs
  • link directly to learning activities (such as social studies themes, oral presentation tasks, and exercises linked to geography, environment, culture, language, and leadership).

Source: Mana of the Pacific (2021) by A. Movono & R. Scheyvens. Published by Potton & Burton.

Additional hard copies

The Mana of the Pacific poster pack can be ordered in the following ways: