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Vagahau Niue


The Niue storybooks



Links to Haia! An Introduction to Vagahau Niue

Teacher support materials

Fakatai La!

Rangi is going to Sifa’s house for a Niue lunch. But Rangi is such a fussy eater. Can Sifa convince her to try new things?

Unit 1 Fakafeleveia /introductions

Unit 4 Tau Fakafetuiaga he Magafaoa/ family relationships

Unit 5 Tau Mena Kai/ food

Storybook 1 (Word 2007, 32 kB)

Kua Mau Nakai a Koe, ma Maia?

It’s Monday morning, and everyone at Maia’s house is doing chores. Everyone except Maia. She is late for school – again!

Unit 2 Magafaoa/ family

Unit 7 Kaina/ home

Storybook 2 (Word 2007, 27 kB)

Taha Foki e Feua Sipote

Lina and her Canadian friend compare their families’ favourite sports as they complete their homework. Unit 8 Feua Sipote/ sports

Storybook 3 (Word 2007, 27 kB)

Ko e Heigoa e Kai Laā?

Tomasi and his friends are looking for seafood for lunch. Tomasi gets teased by his friends for being scared of uga. Could there be uga in Wellington?

Unit 12 Tau Vahā he Tau/ seasons

Unit 13 Kumi e tau Mena/ finding Things

Storybook 4 (Word 2007, 27 kB)

Fefeua he Pelapela

Taveli is very happy to go to his cousin Siuni’s first birthday celebration. They play happily together, but Siuni is full of mischief.

Unit 11 Foaki Mena Fakaalofa/ gifting

Unit 15 Tau Fiafia Fakamagafaoa/ family celebrations

Storybook 5 (Word 2007, 28 kB)

Ko e Mataafaga i Avatele

Loi and Iakopo are excited about going swimming at Avatele beach. But when they get there, they find something even more exciting – fishing.

Unit 17 Tau Finagalo/ feelings

Unit 18 Talahauaga ke he tau Matakavi/ describing Places

Storybook 6 (Word 2007, 29 kB)