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Fakataha Faka‘osita‘u
It’s New Year’s Eve, and Vili is at Taniela’s family gathering. He really wants to meet Taniela’s cousin ‘Aisea, who is a great skateboarder, but where is ‘Aisea? Vili asks everyone as he searches for his hero.

Unit 1 Mālō e Lelei/ Greetings

Unit 2 Fakafe‘iloaki/ Introductions

Unit 3 Fāmili/ Family

Fakataha Faka‘osita‘u (Word 2007, 26 kB)

Ko e Fono'
Nena is going to the fono at the school hall, and ‘Alipete decides to join her. He watches in wonder as the hall begins to fill.

Unit 5 Lau Mata‘ifika'/ Counting

Unit 6 Fakamatala‘i ‘o ha Fa‘ahinga Me‘a/ Describing Things

Ko e Fono' (Word 2007, 30 kB)

Ko e Ta‘u Taha‘o Tomi'
Liki promises to dance at his nephew’s first birthday party, but it’s a big event, and Liki gets nervous. Everyone will be watching. Can he dance well enough?

Unit 7 Ko e Taimi'/ Time

Unit 8 Kātoanga‘i/ Celebrating

Ko e Ta‘u Taha ‘o Tomi' (Word 2007, 29 kB)

Ko e hā ‘a e Hikingaua?
Sokopeti invites her French friend Madeleine to join her family for their Tongan gathering on Sunday, and Madeleine learns how to prepare Tongan food.

Unit 11 Kāinga/ Extended Family

Unit 12 Feime‘akai/ Preparing Food

Unit 13 Kai Fakataha/ Sharing Food

Ko e hā ‘a e Hikingaua? (Word 2007, 31 kB)

Ko e Kahoa Fai‘aho
A young girl visiting relatives in Lapaha, Tonga, helps make heilala garlands for her cousin’s twenty-first birthday.

Unit 15 Ko e Taimi' mo e ngaahi Feitu‘u'/ Time and Places

Unit 17 Ko e Ngaohi ha ‘ū Me‘a/ Making Things

Ko e Kahoa Fai‘aho (Word 2007, 31 kB)

Tau Koka‘anga Faka-Nu‘u Sila
A young girl living in New Zealand describes going with her family to school on a Saturday morning to join members of her community in making a ngatu cloth as a gift for the school’s fiftieth anniversary.

Unit 17 Ko e Ngaohi ha ‘ū Me‘a/ Making Things

Unit 18 Ko Hono Fua'/ Measuring