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Teaching and learning Gagana Tokelau

Talofa nī!

Welcome to the online environment developed to support the teaching of Gagana Tokelau.


Teacher support materials accompany the six storybooks developed especially to support the Learning Languages Series resource Muakiga! An Introduction to Gagana Tokelau.

Each story gives students opportunities to extend their language and cultural knowledge and to practise reading the target language of specific units in Muakiga!

Schools, ECE centres and education providers can order the set of six storybooks or individual titles from Down the back of the chair. Enter the following numbers into their search box:

  • For the set of six books - enter item number MOE69797. 
  • For individual titles - enter the item number under the cover image below.

The storybook PDFs are also available for download below.



Links to Muakiga

Teacher support materials

Takalo Lakipi Faka-Niu Hila   


When Toni leaves Atafu to go to a high school in New Zealand, he discovers that his favourite sport, rugby, isn't quite the same game in New Zealand as it is in Tokelau.


Unit 5: Tākaloga (Sports and Games)
Takalo Lakapī Faka-Niu Hila -teacher support material (web page)


Te Ika Fuaefa


A humorous story about a Tokelau family fishing trip.


Unit 8: Meakai ma te Meainu (Food and Drink)
Te Ika Fuaefa - teacher support material (web page)

 Ko he Pehe Mālie!


Whotovalu breaks his leg a month before the annual Easter Tournament. He can’t play rugby so he asks his grandmother to teach him a song they could perform together at the Tournament concert.


Unit 9: Ko He ā te Kua Tupu? (What’s the Matter?)
Ko he Pehe Mālie!  - teacher support material (web page)

Ko nā Inati


When Hione visits Fakaofo with his parents, his cousin Lepeka takes him to an inati – a food distribution.


Unit 12: Fakaputuga o nā Meakai (Gathering Food)
Ko nā Inati  (The Inati) - teacher support material (web page)

He Meaalofa


A story about a teenage boy learning how to make a mother-of-pearl shell necklace.


Unit 14: Gāluega (Crafts)
He Meaalofa  (The Present) - teacher support material (web page)

Tauvāga Hiva Tokelau


Justine and Hana encourage Te Hei to join their dance group and take part in the Easter Tournament dance competition with them.


Unit 18: Hiva ma nā Fakafiafiaga (Performing Arts)
Tauvāga Hiva Tokelau   (Tokelau Dance Competition) - teacher support material (web page)