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‘O le Lā‘au o le Tau


na tūsia e Junior Kiki Maepu

This story supports Matā‘upu 11(Le tau ma ona vāega/The weather and seasons).

For schools, ECE centres and education providers wishing to order this storybook go to www.thechair.co.nz and enter item number 33623 into the search box. 

Text features

The language features of this story include:

  • the dialogue between the main characters, Iosefa and Sione
  • the intensifiers lava and tele
  • the words used to describe the temperature, including the verb ma‘alili and the adjectives mālūlū, māfanafana
  • months of the year, for example, Iulai, ‘Oketopa
  • expressions for stating dislikes and likes, ‘Ou te lē fiafia, ‘Ou te fiafia
  • the language used to describe the tree, for example, lā‘au, lau, fugālā‘au
  • the exclamation of surprise, ‘Auoi!

The cultural features of this story include:

  • the topic of migrating to another country and feeling homesick
  • Iosefa’s experience of being looked after by a cousin.

Supports and challenges

Students who have completed Matā‘upu 4 and Matā‘upu 11 may find it easy to:

  • identify the months of the year
  • identify the descriptions of the temperature.

These students may find it challenging to:

  • understand some new vocabulary, phrases, and sentences (these are in the book’s glossary).

Planning: Teaching as inquiry

Consider your students’ interests and their ability to read in gagana Sāmoa at this level and choose activities that provide appropriate content and support. Assess and reflect on the effectiveness of your teaching and the students’ learning, then plan next steps.

Curriculum links and links to Mua Ō! An Introduction to Gagana Sāmoa

The New Zealand Curriculum: Learning Languages

Students will receive and produce information (levels 1 and 2).

Ta‘iala mo le Gagana Sāmoa: The Gagana Sāmoa Guidelines

Students will:

  • … communicate about time and place (level 1)
  • communicate about … places, and things (level 2)
  • use concepts of … state (level 2).

Mua Ō! An Introduction to Gagana Sāmoa

Matā‘upu 11

Students can use gagana Sāmoa to describe the weather and identify the different seasons in Sāmoa and New Zealand.

A possible teaching goal

Students will read the text and describe the weather in various months in Sāmoa, New Zealand, and another country.

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