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Pacific languages

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We are preparing to close this site soon as this content has now moved to  Tāhūrangi.

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Pacific language weeks

Language is an anchor to identity, cultural knowledge, and understanding. It is also a link to the past.

Language Week fosters cultural connections and helps revive and preserve the spoken and written word.

Taking part in language week can be a starting point for ongoing activities and practices you can extend throughout the school year.

Pacific language weeks 2023

Pacific Language Weeks 2023.

Use the links below to access classroom activities for each language week.

Ways to celebrate

Language weeks are an opportunity to build inclusive practice and support Pacific learners to be proud of their cultural identities, but they are only a beginning. Teachers can extend language and cultural appreciation beyond language weeks.

Bridge the gap between home and school. Invite families into school and show parents their culture is valued.

  • Ask them to share aspects of their language and culture, such as a traditional story, song, game, or dance.
  • Prepare and enjoy Pacific food together, recognising appropriate practices.
Two secondary school students practice a traditional dance

Mangere College students share a traditional dance.

Ask your Pacific learners to share their knowledge and experiences with the class. Students could collaborate and present in-person or through a short video to: 

  • teach a short language lesson 
  • teach a traditional game, song, or dance
  • read a poem  
  • share artwork and describe how it is made 
  • explain an important celebration or ritual. 

Plan class activities where students work together to create resources that celebrate language and culture. Add to them library of resources each year. 

Teachers, support staff, principals, senior managers could learn a greeting, song, or dance and use it at a staff meeting, or at assembly. 

Set a goal to learn a variety of words and phrases in the Language Week and continue to use them throughout the school year. 

Label items in the classroom with the Pacific language being celebrated.