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Pacific languages

Pasifika language resources

Poto series

‘O Lo‘u ‘Āiga - My family book cover

The Poto series is a set of storybooks designed for learners from Years 4 to 8. They are available in:

These resources help to grow and enhance Pacific learners’ language and literacy capabilities which support teachers to work in partnership with families and Pacific communities.

Learning languages 

The TKI portal to professional learning opportunities, professional support for the New Zealand Curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, resources, and key links in the Learning languages curriculum area. Learning languages also publishes regular newsletters to keep you informed about important deadlines and events. 

New Zealand Pacific Picture Book Collection

A collection of 36 picture books nominated by nine NZ based librarians. This team of nine has specific responsibility for providing library services for Pasifika communities in New Zealand.

The purpose of the collection is to make the limited number of books representing Pasifika stories and knowledge easily accessible to classroom teachers. It includes suggestions for classroom activities linked to the New Zealand curriculum.

Learning languages wallchart

The Learning Languages Wallchart illustrates the generic framework for teaching and learning languages in English-medium schools. It includes reference to the proficiency descriptors and achievement objectives for all levels, the Learning area statement, key messages from research, foundation messages, and a summary of ten principles for second language acquisition. 

Learning languages – A guide for New Zealand schools

The Learning languages guide provides information to support the delivery of language programmes.

Principals, language teachers, board of trustees, and those looking to find ways to introduce or enhance language programmes will find comprehensive information in this guide. The guide is a useful reference for how to develop a vision for learning languages based on the benefits for students.

Curriculum resources and support materials for teaching

Gagana Sāmoa, Gagana Tokelau, Cook Islands Māori, Lea faka Tonga, and Vagahau Niue are all available on this site.

To order any of the featured resources: