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Pacific languages

Professional development opportunities

Tui Tuia | Learning Circle

Delivers a range of free curriculum support (language, culture and pedagogy) to teachers of languages in Aotearoa.

Support includes individualised curriculum support for teachers, guidance on set-up or restructuring your school’s language programme, immersion programmes, and more.


The Tui Tuia | Learning Circle website has information about the generic programme and the tailored programmes.

This Ministry of Education funded programme supports teachers through an inquiry process to improve pedagogy for learning languages. This is a full-year programme, offered across the country.

Teachers of all languages are welcome to join the GROW programme.

For further information, principals, HODs and teachers can contact Tui Tuia at tuituia.languages@auckland.ac.nz

GROW – a year-long programme delivered via a series of workshops

Some examples of programme topics are New Languages Programme for Primary, Pacific cultures & differentiation in language classrooms, and Flipped Learning in the Language Classroom.

Learning languages: A guide for New Zealand Schools

Learning languages: A guide for New Zealand schools

Guide provides schools and teachers with information to support the introduction, delivery, and enhancement of languages programmes.

Downloadable PDF for the guide is available on this external site.

National coordinators

Under the Ministry of Education’s Professional learning and development (PLD) support plan for secondary student achievement, the national coordinators for learning languages focus on effective implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum.

They also ensure the execution of the NCEA realigned achievement standards and the development of literacy and language practices.

Jeni Lemberg – contact for Central South and Southern regions. 

The New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT)

The New Zealand Association of Language Teachers 

Offers a nationwide network to support language teachers.

This includes regional meetings, in-service opportunities, professional development awards, newsletters, a professional journal, a biennial conference, representation on official committees and panels, and advocacy on key issues. 

Funding and support for Pacific and community languages projects are available.

For more information email president@nzalt.org.nz.

Gazette focus: Professional development

Strengthening the classroom kete (Education Gazette, 10 August 2015)

Haas information about free scholarships offered to teachers wanting to upskill with a TESSOL qualification.

Also in this article, Education Gazette talks to a primary school enriched with skilled language teachers and a secondary teacher who is applying her recent study to improving intercultural communication in her school.

Post-graduate study

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Linguistically Diverse Learners – The University of Auckland

Through this course of study, you will gain skills for teaching English language learners from diverse language backgrounds or improve ways to respond to the language learning needs of learners from early childhood to secondary settings.