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Development and intellectual property

This resource has been updated to fit the aspirations of the Pasifika Education Plan 2013–2017 and the  Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020–2030.

The original LEAP materials were developed by Johanne McComish, Professor Stephen May, and Dr Margaret Franken. Much of that content is still available in this resource.

The Ministry of Education would like to thank the core research and development team at WMIER (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, University of Waikato), which developed the materials in the resource over the period 2004–06. 

The authors acknowledge the support received from the Ministry of Education; the external reviewers, Professor Colin Baker (University of Wales) and Professor Patricia Duff (University of British Columbia); and the teachers involved in trialling the materials. They also acknowledge the support received from these WMIER staff: Emilie Sila‘ila‘i, Margaret Drummond, Thelma Miller, Ariana Donaghy, Ann Harlow, Ruth Kapoor, and Carolyn Jones.

These materials are copyright © Crown, 2007. Please acknowledge the authors when referring to any or all of the content on this website.