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Teaching and learning Gagana Tokelau

Talofa nī!

The Tokelau Language Guidelines

Explore Gagana Tokelau: The Tokelau Language Guidelines, designed and developed to support the teaching and learning of the Tokelau language as an additional language in New Zealand schools.

Gagana Tokelau: The Tokelau Language Guidelines (PDF, 1 MB)

Learning languages series

Muakiga image

Explore Muakiga! An Introduction to Gagana Tokelau. This new multi-media resource supports the teaching and learning of gagana Tokelau as an additional language at Years 7 to 10.

Muakiga! An Introduction to Gagana Tokelau (PDF, 7 MB)

To order Muakiga! An Introduction to Gagana Tokelau, item number 710093 for print material only, or 710075 for the complete resource. Print copies of these resources are available for schools from  www.thechair.co.nz  email  orders@thechair.minedu.govt.nz or phone 0800 226 440.