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Cook Islands Māori

Cook Islands Māori storybooks



Links to I-E-KO-KO! An Introduction to Cook Islands Māori

Teacher support materials

Koʻai Tērā?

Two cousins meet and get to know each other at a Cook Islands family reunion. Unit 5

Storybook 1 (Word 2007, 25 kB)

I Roto i te ‘Are Pū‘ākapa

Four boys set up their tent and prepare to enjoy a night in it – but one of them has another interest! Unit 7

Storybook 2 (Word 2007, 25 kB)

Reka te Rutu Pa‘u

A teacher and students meet to practise Cook Islands drumming, but not everyone is on time! Unit 14

Storybook 3 (Word 2007, 28 kB)


Māmā and Poko‘ina go shopping for rūkau, but the shop doesn’t have any. Will Pāpā have to miss out on having rūkau in his lamb stew? Unit 16

Storybook 4 (Word 2007, 26 kB)

Teretere Māpū

The members of a Bible class group prepare for their trip to a neighbouring church to recite their verses successfully and to enjoy the morning tea that follows. Unit 18

Storybook 5 (Word 2007, 26 kB)

Aere Rā

This story is about a grandfather leaving Rarotonga for New Zealand in the 1960s. The family all turn up at his house to say goodbye. Unit 20

Storybook 6 (Word 2007, 25 kB)

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