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Digi advisors and the Virtual Learning Network

A Pasifika teacher shares his story about the benefits of being involved in the Digi Advisor project and being involved in online communities of practice on the Virtual Learning Network.



The Digi Advisor project has allowed me to have regular face-to-face contact with a mentor which I found extremely useful because you can actually ask and discuss ideas a lot more closely when you have that face-to-face contact with your mentor as opposed to online discussion.  One of the new eLearning tools I was able to use this year, which I currently use, is the VLM. So using the St Pauls college group as a Homebase, it’s allowed me to join up with other groups, look at some of the questions that have been asked by different teacher around the country, posing my own questions it’s allowed me to interact with others and not only answer their questions but also have mine answered and to bring it back to the home base and bring it back to the St Pauls college group for discussion with my fellow colleagues.

One of the good things about the eLearning tools, particularly the VLN, is that it’s given me access to past and current research, and in terms of what people in and around the country are using and so some of the different avenues for different strategies and techniques in terms of dealing with not only Pasifika students but also students in general. So that’s allowed me to get ideas and also discuss ideas with teachers which I wouldn’t get the opportunity to just within my school.

So in terms of the projects the um things I will share with staff is I think one of the main things is the student voice. So what the project has allowed us to do is given us a forum for the boys to openly discuss their honest feelings about not just the teachers here but teachers in general and their feelings about the way the educations system is. Particularly student voice is one aspect I would share with staff. And also the eLearning tool, so the VLN. I think particularly for our school being predominantly Pasifika it’s definitely a useful tool to share with the staff, cause I know that a lot of them would have the same questions that are being discussed In those forums, but for some of them they wouldn’t know who to ask, so it’s definitely it definitely provides them with people to be able to ask those questions to.