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A student talks about giftedness

A Pasifika student who is able to articulate how his cultural identifiers for giftedness contribute to his world as a learner and how his gifts can be used to help others who rely on him as a role model.



Two identifiers I have been labelled under, is leadership and commitment to excellence. To me it shows me that, it’s not that the bar is too high, and you can’t reach it, it’s that the bar is too low, and it’s too easy to reach. So to me it’s I need to really have smart goals. Being renowned as a gifted leader here at school comes with great humility and expectations. One of the things I love doing here at school is to help others and to guide them. Being a Prefect you gotta be both academically and socially. One of the key factors of being a prefect is you’ve got to learn how to serve, and that’s part of my job as a leader to help others and I can’t do this without my net-group support such as the teachers, my friends and my family. They help me a lot and they also encourage and inspire me with my decisions ‘cause one part of being a leader is you’re self-motivated, you’re able to make your own decisions by yourself.

One of the other leadership roles that I have is church leadership. Being a leader at church, helping out with the youth, looking after little kids. You know, I obviously have that role and expectations to be an example, be a role model for the little kids and some of the students my age, and even the older generation, you know they are looking down at us and expecting us to do the right things.

So being a real good leader comes with expectations, and also the humility. Some examples of commitment to excellent here at school for me, is say for example, my academic work. Sometimes I fail papers. For me, I have to understand and it’s understandable that you do fail a lot, but it only fuels me to aim higher, to work harder, to achieve my goals. For example, outside of school my family mum and dad look up to me to be one of those leaders, when I fail their expectations, it fuels me up to persevere, to meet their expectations, whether it’s at school or at even at my jobs I do at home and you know how I act as a son, or even as a leader here at school. One way I’ll teach the juniors, the younger ones, how to get excellences, whether it’s outside school or in their school work, is that you won’t achieve anything if you don’t work hard and it’s that struggle that you have to suffer through it, cause from suffering comes success.

Being labelled a gifted Pasifika student for me, it comes with great humility. In terms of me wanting to excel, it shows me that I am capable of it, and to me I can also share that to my other Pasifika students, my other brothers, that we too can excel, wherever we want to be, whether it’s being a doctor, or going to university.