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Pasifika Education Plan and teachers

A Pasifika teacher shares his opinion and interpretation of the PEP, how teachers can use the policy document as a way to provide a strategic focus on Pasifika learners, parents, families and communities.



The Pasifika Education Plan I think overall there are a lot of positives within the education plan, I think in terms of the roles that specific people play. The teacher’s role could be, I guess, defined a bit more clearly and explicitly. I think it’s definitely positive how it connects not only the teachers about also the wider communities and families. I think that’s definitely a positive aspect because it shows that we should all be working together in terms of raising Pasifika children.

I think an excellent teacher for Pasifika students is a teacher that knows the students not necessarily knows them but knows the backgrounds of the students and is willing to get to know the backgrounds of the students. I think an excellent teacher for Pasifika students is one that’s able to adapt and change and reflect on how they’re teaching. For Pasifika students I think excellent teachers who are able to see what’s working and what’s not working and being able to adapt and change not necessarily their thinking but their strategies that they use for learning. Just recognising, not only giftedness, but the things that work well for their particular set of students.