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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this site updated regularly?
We aim to add content and news to this site as often as possible, so please keep visiting to see what's new.

Q: Who are the primary target audience for this website?
This site is primarily for non-Pasifika teachers who teach Pasifika children and want to learn more about effective teaching strategies for Pasifika children and how to better engage with Pasifika parents and families.

Q: Where do I go if I would like to begin teaching a Pasifika language in my classroom?
There are a number of resources related to the teaching of a Pasifika Language on this webpage If you would like further support you can email us at pasifika@tki.org.nz

Q: Are there any courses or workshops that I could attend to develop my knowledge of Pacific language and culture?
There are some conferences and courses available throughout the year around the country. If you email pasifika@tki.org.nz we will endeavour to keep you updated of these in your area.

Q: I can't make the videos on this site work. Can you help?
The videos are produced in Flash Video format (the same format as used by YouTube) which most modern browsers will support. Try downloading the latest version of the browser you are using to see if that helps. If you are in a school, it is possible that your school's network may not permit the viewing of Flash video files without your system administrator's permission.