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Resources for effective teaching for Pasifika students

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This area of the site provides research, tools, and resources to help support effective teaching of Pasifika students.


Quality Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling: BES 
This report is one of a series of best evidence syntheses commissioned by the Ministry of Education. It is part of a commitment to strengthen the evidence base that informs education policy and practice in New Zealand. It aims to contribute to an ongoing evidence-based discourse amongst policy makers, educators, and researchers.

Teacher Professional Learning and Development: BES
The Teacher Professional Learning and Development BES illuminates the kind of professional learning for teachers that strengthens valued outcomes for diverse learners.

Teachers as learners: Improving outcomes for Māori and Pasifika students through inquiry
These learning materials illustrate how teachers have used an inquiry approach to teaching to become more culturally responsive and to improve outcomes for their Māori and Pasifika students. The teachers’ stories illustrate a variety of contexts and experiences: some involve teachers relatively new to the profession, while others show very experienced teachers taking a fresh look at their practice. Whatever their situation, all the teachers have willingly shared the challenges and highlights of their investigations in order that other teachers and school leaders may use them as triggers for their own inquiries.

Ua Aoina le Manogi o le Lolo: Pasifika Schooling Improvement Research – Final Report, 2010
The project focused on the effectiveness of Schooling Improvement initiatives for Pasifika. The purposes were to identify the practices that work to raise achievement and close the gaps for Pasifika students especially at the classroom, school, and cluster levels; to find out how effective existing Schooling Improvement initiatives are in raising achievement for Pasifika students; and to provide information to help existing and new initiatives to improve their effectiveness for Pasifika students.


Senior secondary teaching and learning guides
These guides have been designed to help teachers create quality teaching and learning programmes. They will support teachers in their planning for the alignment of standards to The New Zealand Curriculum. The Pasifika language guides include Cook Islands Māori, gagana Sāmoa, gagana Tokelau, Tonga, and Vagahau Niue. 

Education Counts
Visit this Ministry of Education collection to access statistical data, quantitative information, and research about the education sector.

Connections and conversations: Making links for learning
The Ministry of Education (2006) has produced Connections and conversations: Making links for learning. This DVD and handbook is designed to support facilitators and to stimulate discussion in schools with the aim of improving their engagement with parents and communities in ways that will ultimately lead to improved learning and achievement for Pasifika students. This resource is available from Down the back of the chair with an item number of 11061. Or you can order by ringing 0800 660 662.

Career Services: Scholarships, grants and awards for Pasifika students
There are many scholarships, grants, and awards available to Pasifika students, so it pays to do some research to find the best one for you.

Studyit: NCEA Pasifika 
Encourage the Pasifika students in your class to utilise this valuable site to support them with NCEA concerns and queries.

New Zealand Resources

New Zealand Pacific Picture Book Collection
Check out this collection of 36 picture books nominated by nine New Zealand based librarians with specific responsibility for providing library services for Pasifika communities in New Zealand. The collection represents Pasifika stories and knowledge easily accessible to classroom teachers, and to provide suggestions for classroom activities linked to the New Zealand curriculum.

Explore these Pasifika learning games, developed to engage primary and intermediate aged students in study support centres.

Pasifika Digital Legends
Explore the Pasifika Digital Legends to discover traditional Pacific stories re-told by New Zealand secondary students using different media, including mini-movies.

Ministry of Education Pasifika resources

The Ministry has a number of resources in Pasifika languages including story books for students. You can link  here to Down the Back of the Chair, the Ministry of Education's catalogue of teaching and learning resources for schools and search the catalogue for Pasifika resources.

Toi Moana – he toronga kura tuatahi

Pacific Arts – primary education visit: Explore a variety of Pacific arts and create an artwork inspired by what you’ve seen.
Check out this resource from Te Papa looking at the art forms across the Pacific. Included in this resource are curriculum links levels 1-8 and booking details.

Living Heritage – Tikanga Tuku Iho
A free online publishing resource for schools to share heritage treasures within their communities. Our latest Pasifika resources from Sāmoa and New Zealand include:

Pacific Cultures: Te Papa collections online
Find fascinating artifacts and specimens from different Pasifika cultures to incorporate into your classroom planning.

Explore Te Ara: Pacific Islands identity
Browse Te Ara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand for sections on each of New Zealand’s main Pasifika communities.

International Resources


Trouble in Paradise: The Art of Polynesian Warfare
With an art history emphasis, this website collates knowledge and images of traditional weaponry from Fiji, Tonga, Sāmoa, the Marquesas Islands, and New Zealand. 

National Library of Australia’s Pacific Collections
Find a range of online resources on the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Charting the Pacific – Radio Australia
Explore this site to find an impressive array of stories, facts, and voices from the Pacific region. Search the links section by topic or country and discover views of the Pacific beyond our shores.

Pacific Beat – Radio Australia
The latest news from the Pacific region from ABC Radio Australia. 

Bishop Museum of Hawai’i – Ethnology database
Take a tour of three online exhibitions. Discover fabric arts of Micronesia; musical instruments of Hawai’i; and canoes styles of the Pacific.